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Agile Promoter was reason for the creation of a Business Intelligence sector in the company and a game changer to Bombril’s trade marketing operation.

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Agile Promoter is an extremely important tool to help develop our business. We were able to leverage team performance and point of sale management.

Rafael Mattos

Head of Trade Marketing - Bombril


The brand had share issues caused by increased rupture, which risen by three percentage points in 2015. Bombril lost five percentage points in exposure and accumulated a 400 million loss.


The company invested in technology and proved the value of a concise trade marketing project. This was be the only way to find out if the causes of negative results due to a lack of report by the field team, in retail or in the sales team. The project has motivated the creation of business intelligence in the company, which is now an example of performance with the use of Agile Promoter:


Figures show that Bombril’s bet was accurate: In 2016 the company celebrated it's first positive figures in six years. The loss was reverted into a BRL 59 million profit and BRL 1,55 billion revenue. There was a rupture reduction and the presence of sales reps in stores increased by 25%.

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