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Field marketing app

App for sales representatives

More sales and better image for the brand

The employment of Field Marketing enables full control over the way brands are presented to the end customer, following planograms and visibility strategies and helping to increase visibility and availability of the products at points of sale.

Stockout, never again

Stockouts are the number one enemy of field marketing. Before the advent of mobile applications at points of sale many companies monitored their stockouts on clipboards, which often contributed to loss of information and misunderstandings. Equipped with a field marketing app, companies can reduce decision-making time and, consequently, prevent being out of stock at the point of sale.

Practical to the merchandiser

The work routine of the merchandiser is complex and demands maximum attention for professionals to accomplish goals as expected. This process can be made simple by adopting a tool that allows you to report your own information and that of the competition, to help field professionals both perform their activities and send reports of their daily work to the back office.

Smart management

Smart management of field team

The size of your field marketing operation doesn’t matter, coordinating an operation with tens, hundreds, or even thousands of professionals requires great attention from those in the back office. With Agile Promoter you can reduce the transport costs and itinerary mistakes of your field team, track visits on the GPS and stay in tune with all that happens at the point of sale in real time.

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