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Automated Alerts

Engage back office team in real time and provide fast solutions at the points of sale.

Automated Alerts

In emergencies, your operation needs an agile, clear, real-time communication system for all people involved. See how the Automated Alerts can solve crises that you don’t know may happen – but they will. Be ready for this with Agile Promoter.

Everything at the right time

The Automated Alerts are triggers ready to fire when the system detects some adversity – the system does it automatically, for your convenience and safety. It is possible to establish triggers with one or more criterion. For example: chain x + regional Y + category Z.

Simultaneous alerts

Once the system activates the trigger, it notifies your team and all involved in the process. This includes those who do not use the tool, such as stakeholders. The alignment happens quickly, in real time, 100% online and with no communication noise.

Risk management

Rather than knowing what happens in a given situation, it is better to know in advance and the reason why it happened. Agile Promoter Automated Alerts safely performs crisis management by warning professionals to provide the support needed for the operation. Your team becomes more confident and your business gains in credibility.

Risk management

Accelerate decision-making

When we talk about Shelf Life, we are talking about expiration dates. Managing the life of products with a deadline is not a simple task. You need to have maximum control over the product and care about storage and exposure. That is why Agile Promoter Automated Alerts can boost decision-making in situations near the deadline and avoid fines and other legal aggravations.

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