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Field team management

Check field team ROI using real-time monitoring.

Field team management

Monitore e potencialize os resultados da sua equipe

The size of your operation does not matter. Controlling an action with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people demands a lot attention from the people in charge of back office. These are many details that, without an accurate overview, may go unnoticed and harm all the planning. In Agile Promoter, the Field Team Management gives to the manager all the information he/she needs about sales rep’s routine.

Monitoring in real time

Keep your coordination team aware of everything that happens at the point of sale front line. With Agile Promoter Field Team Management, nothing goes unnoticed. All employees’ information is instantly sent to the coordination of the operation with real time monitoring.

Proof of visits

Many managers lose sleep not being able to prove the visit their professionals made to the point of sale. Our development is based on information security. That is why you can count on two main records to guarantee the presence of the professional: via GPS – by means of a timeline query – and with a photo of the facade, to ensure the professional is actually at the given location.

Field team management


In addition to the certainty that your employee is fulfilling his/her working hours, you ensure these employees will be more active and willing to do more in less time. After all, who does not prefer to spend less energy, avoid rework and unnecessary displacements and use their energy to celebrate new achievements and fulfilled goals? Take this opportunity and boost the productivity of your field team with Agile Promoter.


Empowered teams yield more. Agile Promoter provides the tools your business needs to make your field team more independent and to optimize their delivery of results.

Field team management

Feedback and improvement

Keep the control of your operation without depriving your field team of their freedom. With our trade marketing system, feedbacks are based on data and real results. Decisions are more grounded for managers and more transparent to employees.

Agile Promoter allows you to categorize your employees according to individual deliveries. Thus, you have evidence to ask the employee about his/her day-by-day performance or reward him/her according to their merit and professional development.

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