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Punch Clock Time-clock

Determine precisely the work hours of the field team.

Punch Clock Time-clock

Controlling working hours is crucial for payroll evidence and overtime adjustment, for administrative purposes or labor demands. Using a Punch Clock, large businesses can balance the working hours of their sales reps.

Feature: avoiding labor infractions

In Brazil, simple infractions such as not respecting lunchtime, for example, can turn into a major headache for businesses. In accordance to the Decree 373 of the Ministry of Labor, the employer can adopt alternative Punch Clock systems, such as the Punch Clock. The implementation of this system can also be aligned with the Union or by Collective Bargaining Agreement or Convention.

This feature eliminates the risk of counting on the people in charge of visited stores to register the visits, which is still a common practice.

Integration with Punch Clock management systems

Does the business use a Punch Clock management system? The entries made in the integrated electronic Punch Clock are exported to various formats, including AFD (official format used by the Ministry of Labor). Punch Clock management systems such as RONDA, TOTVS, among others, are easily usable with this feature.

Punch Clock Time-clock

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