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Performance dashboard in real time

Customize the visualization of the most significant indicators and monitor everything in real time.

Performance dashboard in real time

Bring the power of Agile Promoter to your routine and experience more profitable days in all senses. A 100% online tool, light and powerful with all information your business needs to achieve excellence.

Strategic monitoring

With Agile Promoter you can monitor, in real time, the most important indicators for your operation and tasks to be done during the your field team’s workday. With the support of a good planning, this is all you need for a more strategic and safe decision-making.

Practical reports, easy access to information

Agile Promoter monitoring panel has no room for doubts or misinformation. It double-checks back office information, which guarantees agility in monitoring goals and safer decision-making.

Performance dashboard in real time


In addition to having all resources requested by the most demanding professionals, the Agile Promoter performance dashboard centralizes information in one place. You can have all you need on the screen without relying on third parties.

Dashboard de desempenho em tempo real


Know everything that is happening in your operation, wherever you are. Agile Promoter Performance dashboard synchronizes all data that is presented automatically and online in real time, so that you don't need to worry about anything except extracting operational data and defining the best strategy for your operation. Since it is 100% online, the system is lighter than traditional tools. Our servers virtually perform software processing – you don't need to perform it on your computer. This way, you save time and can be confident of using a light and powerful system.

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