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Photo report

Select 300 photos in seven clicks and create slideshows in just seconds.

Photo report

Organize a presentation with 300 images in seven clicks. This is what Agile Promoter offers to coordinators, supervisors or back office teams that spend hours to deliver mandatory information for trade marketing analysis.

We should not forget the most practical feature: you can export all reports to pptx or zip format, or quickly transformed into a presentation with your company’s template.

Actions audit

You have planned an incentive campaign and dedicated your time to create and engage the field team in an action for your best point of sale. How do you quickly demonstrate that the campaign is succeeding? With Agile Promoter, the answer is simple: you create a classification tag for the picture and follow all registration send by the field team.

Photo report

Competition performance mapping

What can an extra point of the competition reveal about their price, exposure and sell out at a given store, channel or region? How much time do you need to mobilize your team and create an action at the same level, to balance your product’s exposure?

Creating a competition action report form allows you to access every image related to competitor campaigns and acts in an accurate and optimized manner.

Agile Promoter picture report also allows you to create a campaign linked to the performance report of your competition. That is because the pictures sent by the app include information about the sender, the relation with other surveys, among other data.

Before and after

The execution is continuous and its results appear over time. Execution involves organization and a good relationship with the store staff – this says a lot about the results of your field team. Agile Promoter allows you to check out “before and after” pictures of shelves and show monthly development, for instance.

“Before and after” Picture reports can be exported in a presentation with information about the employee, points of sale and registration dates.

Photo report

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