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Gain visibility and more details about the performance indicators of your operation.


What indicators are you looking for? Agile Promoter reports provide all performance indicators our operation needs.

Operational reports

All data you need will always be within your reach. With Agile Promoter Reports, your business will keep commercial and marketing sectors as aligned as possible. This is the foundation of well-structured trade marketing and prepared for the challenges of everyday life.

Visit KPIs

Know all performance indicators regarding the visits of your field team, and the amount of hours spent at the points of sale. Ensure the control of your operation. With Reports, you will have the estimated average and plan future actions in accordance with the presented performance indicators.

Productivity KPIs

Find out the performance history of your team and improvement opportunities with Agile Promoter Reports. After all, more productivity means more quality work from employees and budget saving.

OLAP Reports

You can build your reviews by using the OLAP reports, without relying on other BI systems. Agile Promoter will provide you the information needed to enrich analysis made in other systems and platforms.



With OLAP reports, data consolidation becomes quick and dynamic. After the configuration, the system updates information automatically.

Multilevel view

The system easily customizes your reports. Other system users can follow-up analysis created by managers or insert them as a dashboard, viewing them directly the Agile Promoter initial graphic panel.


Many data in little time

The main benefit of OLAP reports is the possibility of analyzing large volumes of data under multiple variables. The creation of graphic analysis is performed by the information fed by means of survey data answered by the field team. All this quickly, at one click.


Agile Promoter supports mass data generated by large operations. There are 21 native indicators besides the possibility of configuring many other indicators, in accordance to your need for analysis.

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