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Route planning

Reduce the cost of transportation and find errors in your employee's route.

Route planning

Several success cases from Agile Promoter indicate the optimization of route planning as one of the major improvements after the adoption of the platform. This is because the creation and administration of appropriate roadmaps for employees may represent coverage gains of up to 75% in comparison to routes created without technology support.

Agile Promoters facilitates route planning guaranteeing a better organization of visits to points of sale, which also represents a decrease in displacement cost and time. These indicators can be used to calculate the sales rep cost by store, for example.

The system offers the creation of fixed roadmaps, so that professionals with a constant service routine in certain points of sale, as well as single roadmaps, that can include single visits to the routine of a sales rep that already has a fixed roadmap.

Route planning - Itinerary creation

Agile Promoters facilitated routing allows the creation of routes to be performed with the Support of updated maps. They are crucial in helping the back office team to understand the more suitable route for the sales rep, taking into account the displacement time from his/her residence to the first and last POSs served, for example.

The visualization of GPS monitoring allows an ostensible tracking of the operation by the management, identifying noise in routing and acting proactively with the field team.


Forecast mileage and travel time

Mileage and displacement time forecasts can make a lot of difference in dimensioning services and visits paid by the field team. Some stores depend on increased attention from the sales rep, while others, in a less expressive channel, for example, can be quickly served.

You also have the option “Optimize route”, in which the system shows options by less distance and displacement time, as shown in the image.

Otimização da Rota

Points of sale service visibility

What is the cost generated by a failure in a route that includes a point of sale already visited by another sales rep? Does this happen to you? Viewing Agile Promoter roadmaps prevent you from this situation.

When filtering points of sales, they appear on the map by service status.

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