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Customize surveys and collect appropriate information to create the KPIs of your operation.

Formulários de pesquisa

Forms never left the day-to-day routine of sales reps: answering surveys using Agile Promoter will be much easier and quicker for people used to filling out several sheets and forms by hand. In addition, getting this concentrated information enables accurate, organized work for back office professionals.

Standardization of information

There are so many means of disseminating information nowadays that we often find ourselves lost. With Agile Promoter, there is no data inconsistency. Our tool gathers all information in one place and avoids communication noise.

Enough of having your mailbox full or losing important information in chats and instant messengers. Guarantee transparent communication and have the data arrive in full to the recipient.

Only with a standardized and centralized search in the same environment, is possible to measure results efficiently and ensure data reliability for a successful operation.

Formulários de pesquisa

Meeting deadlines

Field employees will receive their tasks and have a deadline, also defined by the back office team. The most used forms are out-of-stock, price search, competition actions, planogram, assortment, extra points, store evaluation and “before and after”, used to prove the work was done.

Formulários de pesquisa


It does not matter the size of your business, branch of activity, region where the business is located or whatever the variable is. Agile Promoter has the right search forms for your operation. You may ask, “How is that possible”? It is Simple! Agile Promoter forms are customizable.

Task scheduling

Achieving a perfect operation depends on planning and on fulfilling every point of this planning. Task scheduling makes the managers able to define processes, distribute tasks and deadlines for their field team, and manage the status of each activity.

All this can be segmented by region or kind of store served, taking into account the product mix configured to each point of sale, which guarantees a coherent task distribution.

To managers, viewing a fulfilled task includes information, with allocated time to answers, deadline and pictures. In the field, the sales rep accesses his/her weekly tasks by POS as well as the reply deadline.

Schedule your tasks and guarantee the fulfillment of search form responses, without overloading your employees. With organization, you will experience productivity increase and an independent team.

Key performance indicators (KPIs)

Agile Promoter search forms provide dynamism in data collection by the field team providing performance indicators, the KPIs. This information determines what works in the system.

We are living at a time where information traffic is constant and intense. Knowing what indicators to use is essential to monitor an operation. You do not need to worry about it, because Agile Promoter can filter and provide the best performance indicators for your business.

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