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Trade Marketing App

No more sheets! Your field team collects information even when off-line.

Aplicativo de Trade Marketing

Connect your employees end-to-end with the Agile Promoter Trade Marketing app and keep in hands everything you need straight from the Point of Sales or anywhere else. The app is available for iOS and Android.

Survey responses

With the Trade Marketing App you can quickly reply all field searches. The back office instantly receives the answers – it saves time and resources.

Respostas de pesquisas


Are you in doubt? Send a message to the coordinator. Do you have compliments? Send a “thank you” message via chat to the coordinator. Had some unexpected situation? Let the coordinator know. Get in touch with our team directly from the tool. You can quickly contact us; it will not take your time.


By making training material available in the library, it is possible to include a description and choose the group that will access the file. The folder is manageable and updates can be performed whenever necessary.

Library organization provides a simple, intuitive navigation experience for the sales promoter. Visualizing materials do not demand much cell phone storage space. Documents such as execution guide and planogram, for example, are always available for field professionals.

Operation monitoring by hierarchy

Guarantee more efficiency to your operation when diluting the back office workload among supervisors. Besides the increase control and productivity, it makes the team more collaborative and engaged. One for all and all for one.

Monitoramento da operação por hierarquia

No internet? No problem.

You do not need to be connected to the internet at the time of the visit to validate it or access any Agile Promoter Trade Marketing App functionality. Once you arrive at a place with internet access, the system synchronizes all data automatically and our server instantly receives all data sent.

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